It is never too early to begin planning for your retirement. Retirement planning is broken down into two key areas: pre-retirement planning (wealth creation, debt reduction and asset protection) and retirement planning (structuring and managing assets to navigate longevity and see you through your retirement phase, keeping in mind succession and estate planning).

Your Pension / Superannuation is a key retirement vehicle and it is integral to future retirement that you have a superannuation fund tailored to your needs. Let us help you make an informed decision on your current or potentially new superannuation fund to provide you with an understanding of the landscape and the choices available.


Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are an appealing option for business owners and individuals who want to control their superannuation assets. As per the name it literally means you are in the driver seat controlling the course of your retirement benefits. While there are many benefits to having a SMSF, this is a heavily regulated and compliance driven sector with significant ramifications for mismanagement. It is vital that you discuss all options and receive personalised advice from an authorised superannuation specialist prior to making any decisions.

Steps of Financial Planning

Our first contact maybe be over the phone or in person. We’ll discuss some basics about your financial interests, where you would like assistance, explain some of the financial planning steps, start to discuss documentations / statements of your basic assets, liabilities, identification. We will then organise a specific time to dive deeper into your financial and lifestyle goals to identify what is important to you.

In this no obligation discovery meeting we will discuss life and financial goals in conjunction with your current financial situation. We will help identify your financial strengths and weaknesses and outline potential strategies which may be beneficial for you to consider. We will give you an outline of the next phase of the financial planning process and provide an early indication of fees for any future work you would like us to complete.

Our next step includes an engagement meeting to discuss a number of strategies and any pre-work required to give an accurate picture before creating your personalised plan. Depending on your unique circumstances and the complexity of your requirements, we may invite you in for a 2nd meeting to discuss our findings, provide further education on strategies we believe are relevant and advantageous to you. It is our goal to make sure that you understand what and why we are short listing strategy options and alternatives which relate to your objectives.

We provide you with your formal personalised advice document (Statement of Advice) and step through each recommendation with you to ensure you have a stronger understanding of how each step helps to achieve your goals and objectives. We then allow you to read through your advice at your own leisure and come back to us with any further questions.

Implementation Meeting (Optional) – we strongly encourage all of our clients to read through our advice and additional documentation and come back to us with any questions before signing our Authority to Proceed (which allows us to proceed with implementing your personal advice). Once complete, we step you through any paperwork required to implement steps within your advice with you and explain what each form or document is intended for.

This is highly recommended as your objectives and circumstances will change and evolve over time, further we need to ensure your strategies remain on track with your initial stated objectives. Financial planning is a dynamic process and does not end when you take particular action. We may provide additional advice during this phase due to economic or social fluctuations, new opportunities arising or if your circumstances have changed. Periodic reviews allow for your strategies to keep pace with new financial product and services, economic, legislative and taxation changes which can impact your original plan.

Financial Planning Packages

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