We were looking for a financial planner to advise us in setting up a retirement plan that would help us to facilitate a more profitable outcome while we were both still working. By talking to Carl, we were able to consolidate personal and superannuation funds, make the most out of salary sacrificing and expand on our opportunities by investing cash at a higher interest rate with the knowledge that the investment was both steady returns and transparent. We chose Freshwater Financial Planning to advise us and are very happy with his friendly and dedicated approach to finding us the best possible strategies with our portfolio of funds that provide us both with peace of mind and security in our retirement.

We would highly recommend Freshwater Financial Planning for all your financial requirements, especially where commitment and dedication are guaranteed to provide the best possible outcome.

East Gippsland Resident

Carl has been giving me financial advice for the past 3 years now and I have to say, “I would be lost without him”. Carl has gone out of his way to help me when needed and takes the time to explain things clearly, so I understand what decisions to make. I look forward for the years to come.

East Gippsland Resident

Carl has been very helpful in sorting my financial affairs in a more organised way and one that I have direct access to online and can check anytime. He is always available and helpful and goes out of his way to explain things clearly to me as I sometimes find financial situations difficult to grasp. He is happy to answer any question I have and doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable at asking ‘silly’ questions. He was recommended to me through a friend and I have already recommended him to a family member.

Regional Farmer

Carl gave advice to my wife and me about life and income protection insurance. I am confident that Carl gave me the best advice such that we have been able to choose the right insurance products. He was very helpful throughout the application process and was always available to help explain all of the detail that we needed to know and advise on what was best for us in our situation. Thanks Carl!

Melbourne Analyst

We found Carl to be very prompt and professional. He was easy to deal with and his advice was second to none. We would highly recommend Carl.

Matt & Lauren
Real Estate Professional, East Gippsland